Beta Reader Application

Beta readers are an important part of the publishing process at Gigabooks Press. Beta readers get early access to some or all parts of an unpublished work to critique it and provide the author with useful feedback.

There are no prerequisites for being a beta reader apart from a willingness to read and provide the requested feedback. As long as you provide the appropriate details, acceptance into the program is a given.

How it works: An author will invite you to beta read their manuscript based on the information provided in your application. Beta readers can then accept or reject any assignments they are invited to. The author may provide incentives to complete their particular beta read. Gigabooks Press facilitates the program but does not have any bearing on who is invited for a particular beta reading assignment or what incentives are provided that is entirely up to the author.

Pro Tip: When  filling out the “Describe Yourself” part of the application, provide any details that make you unique. What kind of perspective can you bring to a manuscript as a beta reader? Authors select beta readers based on their unique personalities and experiences so, don’t be afraid to provide any details that show off who you are.

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