Okteveos Release Delayed

the 8 fates of okteveos

The 8 Fates of Okteveos is getting major rewrites at the suggestion of beta readers.

Parts of the anticipated book are going back to the second edit process which could delay the release by several weeks. J. Tordsen explains.

I am going to delay the release of The 8 Fates of Okteveos based on the feedback I received from beta readers. I use a self-edit process and to ignore the feedback from the beta readers is ultimately self-defeating. As this is my first foray into novel writing, it is worth taking the extra time to make the manuscript the best it can be.

What did the beta readers say? In a nutshell, the first half of the book was too much of a lift for the readers. So much so that one reader even began skimming and missed some important details that helped make sense of the story in later chapters.

In fairness, I have only been working on this book off and on since about January 2023. Ten months of work on a novel that might take years to write is better than I expected – especially considering how slow I type.

J. Tordsen

The original release was planned for October but with the delay, a new release date has yet to be determined. Gigabooks Press will announce the new date once it becomes available.

New Gigabooks Guide Announced

Gigabooks Guide to $0 Publishing

The next guide has been announced and will be The Gigabooks Guide to $0 Publishing. The book will be released on Gigabooks Press in paperback and e-book August 29th, 2023 with Amazon Kindle and Google play to follow shortly thereafter.

The best kept secret in the modern publishing landscape is that you don’t need to spend a single penny pursuing your dreams of being a self-published author – well, except maybe picking up a copy of this book. This publishing system is one that few authors know about and even fewer use. J. Tordsen used this technique to publish The Gigabytes Guide to Writing and details exactly how to do exactly what he did in this new guide.

J. Tordsen, author of The Gigabytes Guide to Writing, independently published the book in 7 days for absolutely $0. In this guide, he will take you through the complete process of publishing your own work with little or ZERO cost.

An author’s name is a brand and the the book is a product. The more money you put into the product, the more you have to sell to make that investment back. Keeping costs as low as possible makes making money on your book faster and easier.

The Gigabooks Guide to $0 Publishing takes you through all of the most cost-effective writing, editing, publishing, and marketing strategies available to the modern writer. Along the way, J. Tordsen will give you advice based on his own personal experience dealing with the publishing process as well as scam artists and vanity publishers – and how to deal with them once and for all.

The Gigabooks Guide to $0 Publishing is a comprehensive template for new and established authors to save tens of thousands of dollars on the publishing process.

Additional Guides Now Available

Gigabooks Press has expanded its selection of available guidebooks thanks to a licensing deal with a private label distributor.

The new guides cover a variety of topics from using blockchain for business to information on vitamin D. Gigabooks Press has edited and updated these for a modern audience and are offering them exclusively in the Gigabooks Press online store. More guides are on their way with about one being edited and published each week.

The currently published  guides include:

Each guide is offered in both paperback and ebook form. Currently, one ebook of choice can be had for free by signing up for the Gigabooks newsletter

Guide to Writing Second Edition Now Shipping

The Gigabytes Guide to Writing is now shipping copies of its second edition on Gigabooks Press. It is a revised and expanded version of the popular guide and includes a highly anticipated section on Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Ebook versions will follow in the next few days.

The Gigabytes Guide to Writing is author J. Tordsen’s first published work and is unique in the fact that it was written, edited, designed, and published in 7 days without the use of AI or chat bots. It has been highly regarded by peers and new writers alike.

J. Tordsen has appeared on various podcasts and talk shows to talk about the book with the most recent invite being a guest blogger on the site Author’s Lounge. More appearances are pending.

The Gigabytes Guide to Writing has been described as a sort of “pocket atlas” to self-publishing. It gives aspiring authors an overview of the process and pitfalls of self publishing. It includes helpful tips on how to avoid writer’s block, using AI tools, and effective world building techniques among others. It is written in a casual and humorous way that makes it a light and easy read.

The Gigabytes Guide to Writing can be found here: https://gigabookspress.com/shop/

The Gigabytes Guide to Writing now available on Google Play Books

Not a fan of Amazon? The Gigabytes Guide to Writing e-book is now available on Google Play Books.

The Gigabytes Guide to Writing is a lighthearted road map to your book writing journey

A writer with over 25 years of professional writing experience, J. Tordsen escorts you down the path less traveled by other guides as he takes this book from concept to published work – without the use of chat bots – in only 7 days.

Covering everything from the first draft to effective marketing strategy, this book mixes both wisdom and wisecracks as it takes you through an overview of the entire self-publishing process – all told from the author’s unique perspective.

With an emphasis on writing technology, literary world building, and effectively combating writer’s block, this guide can help you avoid the pitfalls on the writer’s journey.

An easy and enjoyable read, The Gigabytes Guide to Writing can show you how to enjoy the ride to becoming a self-published author.

Get it on Google Play Books: https://play.google.com/store/books/details?id=SbG7EAAAQBAJ&pli=1

More Gigabytes Guides Coming Soon

The Gigabytes Guide to Writing was an impressive feat for a new author. Written, edited, and published in just 7 days without the use of chat bots or AI, the small guide shows what is possible in a short span of time.

Now, more guides are coming on a variety of topics. Some will focus on expanding on the topics of the Gigabytes Guide to Writing while others will be more technology oriented.

The guides themselves will be announced soon with e-books available on Kindle and other platforms and paperback copies available right here in the Gigabooks Press store.

Stay tuned for more updates coming soon.

Book Announcement: The 8 Fates of Okteveos

the 8 fates of okteveos

the 8 fates of okteveos

Who holds the gods to account when a comedy of errors turns into a life of tragedy?

Okteveos was a strange case. His ability to sense the emotions of others with almost telepathic insight left him unable to feel his own. As a result, a series of mishaps, accidents, and death surround him throughout his life. One day, the powers that be had enough and destroy him and the island he inhabited in a fiery volcanic explosion over 3600 years ago.

Now, he faces judgement and punishment from the very architects of his entire existence. Is Okteveos the master of his misdeeds and deserving of damnation or is he the victim of the fates that caused the tragedies that befell him? The answer to that question will take Okteveos on a journey through time he’s never known and lives he could never imagine.

Artwork by https://facebook.com/RoarTjorhomsArts

Source: https://www.facebook.com/j.tordsen

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