J. Tordsen on The Author’s Voice

J. Tordsen will be on The Author’s Voice Podcast with Donnie Lansdale on September 14, 2023.

He will be discussing past projects like the recently released The Gigabooks Guide to $0 Publishing, The Gigabytes Guide to Writing, and the upcoming The 8 Fates of Okteveos.

To listen, you can search for The Author’s Voice with Donnie Lansdale anywhere you get your podcasts.

Guides now available on Barnes and Noble

Gigabooks Press is now publishing its original guides on Barnes and Noble.

The Gigabytes Guide to Writing and The Gigabooks Guide to $0 Publishing e-books just went live on Barnes and Noble today. Gigabooks Press currently publishes to Amazon and Google Play Books.

The Gigabytes Guide to Writing is available here.

The Gigabooks Guide to $0 Publishing is available here.

Beta readers wanted for Okteveos

the 8 fates of okteveos

A call has been put out for beta readers for the upcoming The 8 Fates of Okteveos.

Author J. Tordsen is looking for beta readers for his upcoming novel, The 8 Fates of Okteveos, a supernatural fiction novel written as a series of short stories with an overall story arch connecting them all.  Readers will be invited to read some or all of the sections and provide feedback to the author. Those who complete one section of the beta reader project will be given an ebook copy of the finished product. Those who beta read for the entire novel will be given a special paperback copy of the novel signed by the author. 

This announcement coincides with the new Beta reader program hosted by Gigabooks Press. As stated on the Beta reader application page:

Beta readers are an important part of the publishing process at Gigabooks Press. Beta readers get early access to some or all parts of an unpublished work to critique it and provide the author with useful feedback.

There are no prerequisites for being a beta reader apart from a willingness to read and provide the requested feedback. As long as you provide the appropriate details, acceptance into the program is a given.

How it works: An author will invite you to beta read their manuscript based on the information provided in your application. Beta readers can then accept or reject any assignments they are invited to. The author may provide incentives to complete their particular beta read. Gigabooks Press facilitates the program but does not have any bearing on who is invited for a particular beta reading assignment or what incentives are provided that is entirely up to the author.

Interested readers can signup for an invitation at the Beta Reader Application page.

Guide to Writing Second Edition

Gigabooks press has just released The Gigabytes Guide to Writing second edition in both paperback and ebook. 

The guide has received several updates and expansions as well as a paperback size update using the new guide size formatting unique to Gigabooks publishing. 

The paperback edition has 50% larger font as well as a size upgrade from 18 x 13.5 cm (approximately 7″ x 5.25″) to 19 x 14 cm (approximately 7.5″ x 5.5″).

Both ebook and paperback editions have an expanded section on AI as well as slightly expanded sections on other topics.

You can get the second edition paperback here. The deluxe ebook is available here. Amazon and Google links will be announced later.

Gigabytes Guide To Writing Featured on Author’s Lounge

Author J. Tordsen tells the story behind the making of The Gigabytes Guide to Writing in a new and unique blog article on the Reader’s Magnet / Author’s Lounge.

The Gigabytes Guide to Writing has certainly opened doors for author J. Tordsen. The guide, written and published in 7 days without the use of so called AI tools, is a unique and compelling story of a writer that decided to sit down and get to work in order to help other authors that might have questions about their own self-publishing journey.

Much like the guide, the article breaks with convention. The article was written by J. Tordsen himself in a first person perspective. In this way it is the author telling the story in a way that is a bit out of the box.

The article is live now and can be found here: https://www.readersmagnet.club/the-gigabytes-guide-to-writing/

Guide to Writing Featured on Talk Show

J. Tordsen was featured on Our Thing Detroit with Gunner Lindbloom to talk about The Gigabytes Guide to Writing.

The episode aired on May 19, 2023. While the episode was partially pre-empted by PGA Golf, the segment was front and center immediately following the conclusion of the sports coverage.

The book – that was written, edited, designed, and published in 7 days – gives a lighthearted overview of the self publishing process.

Among the topics covered was the surreal circumstances of writing, editing, and self publishing a book about the process of writing, editing, and self-publishing a book.

J. Tordsen also explained that one of the hurdles he had to overcome when writing this book was the “ubiquity of chat bots” writing in a human sounding voice. He talked about writing the book in his own voice with a little humor because if he wrote it in a purely informative way, it might be indistinguishable from what a chat bot might write.

You can catch the replay of the Facebook live stream here: https://fb.watch/kDPRiAxPKp/

You can purchase The Gigabytes Guide to Writing on Google, Amazon, and right here: https://gigabookspress.com/product/gigabytes-guide-writing-paperback/

New Author Publishes Small E-book Guide for Writers in a Week

Gigabooks Logo

It is nothing short of a rousing success. A brand new author set out to create a non-AI generated e-book from concept to publication in less than 7 days and did it. J. Tordsen, an experienced but unpublished writer, wrote, designed, edited and published their first book in 7 days.

The e-book titled The Gigabytes Guide to Writing is a light read at only 31 pages that mixes wit and wisdom from veteran writer, J. Tordsen. It is billed as “a lighthearted road map to your book writing journey”

He writes on his author’s page: “It is done! Book submitted to KDP and is under review. If all goes well, it should be live in less than 72 hours!”

“The approval was faster than anticipated,” he notes, “and there are a few minor issues to correct in the description but overall I am pleased with the result.”

One of his BETA readers even commented: “The book promoted some confidence to write as someone who never thought of writing.”

“That was exactly what I was hoping for,” J. Tordsen noted. “I wrote it specifically for new writers to inspire confidence in their writing by taking some of the guesswork out of it without getting into the weeds.”

The e-book is for sale on Amazon here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0BWVVB6KF

New Author Plans to Write and Publish First Book in 7 days

A new author is taking his first book from concept to published work in 7 days or less.

The new author, who goes by the name J. Tordsen, is a writer with over 25 years of professional writing experience and has written countless blogs, video scripts, website and ad copy but has never published a book.

The book, titled The Gigabytes Guide to Writing, is a lighthearted look at the writing process itself based on J. Tordsen’s own writing experiences. Written from a first person perspective, it provides a general overview of the process of taking a manuscript from concept to publication with special emphasis on writing technology, world building, and overcoming writer’s block.

The book is full of useful information that a new writer might want to know mixed with humor and wit to make it an easy read. It is expected to be available through Kindle February 26th.

J. Tordsen has other works pending and has hinted about them on his facebook page. The titles will be revealed in the upcoming weeks. You can view his author page here on Gigabooks Press.

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