Guide to Writing Second Edition Now Shipping

The Gigabytes Guide to Writing is now shipping copies of its second edition on Gigabooks Press. It is a revised and expanded version of the popular guide and includes a highly anticipated section on Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Ebook versions will follow in the next few days.

The Gigabytes Guide to Writing is author J. Tordsen’s first published work and is unique in the fact that it was written, edited, designed, and published in 7 days without the use of AI or chat bots. It has been highly regarded by peers and new writers alike.

J. Tordsen has appeared on various podcasts and talk shows to talk about the book with the most recent invite being a guest blogger on the site Author’s Lounge. More appearances are pending.

The Gigabytes Guide to Writing has been described as a sort of “pocket atlas” to self-publishing. It gives aspiring authors an overview of the process and pitfalls of self publishing. It includes helpful tips on how to avoid writer’s block, using AI tools, and effective world building techniques among others. It is written in a casual and humorous way that makes it a light and easy read.

The Gigabytes Guide to Writing can be found here:

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