New Author Publishes Small E-book Guide for Writers in a Week

It is nothing short of a rousing success. A brand new author set out to create a non-AI generated e-book from concept to publication in less than 7 days and did it. J. Tordsen, an experienced but unpublished writer, wrote, designed, edited and published their first book in 7 days.

The e-book titled The Gigabytes Guide to Writing is a light read at only 31 pages that mixes wit and wisdom from veteran writer, J. Tordsen. It is billed as “a lighthearted road map to your book writing journey”

He writes on his author’s page: “It is done! Book submitted to KDP and is under review. If all goes well, it should be live in less than 72 hours!”

“The approval was faster than anticipated,” he notes, “and there are a few minor issues to correct in the description but overall I am pleased with the result.”

One of his BETA readers even commented: “The book promoted some confidence to write as someone who never thought of writing.”

“That was exactly what I was hoping for,” J. Tordsen noted. “I wrote it specifically for new writers to inspire confidence in their writing by taking some of the guesswork out of it without getting into the weeds.”

The e-book is for sale on Amazon here:

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