Gigabytes Guide To Writing Featured on Author’s Lounge

Author J. Tordsen tells the story behind the making of The Gigabytes Guide to Writing in a new and unique blog article on the Reader’s Magnet / Author’s Lounge.

The Gigabytes Guide to Writing has certainly opened doors for author J. Tordsen. The guide, written and published in 7 days without the use of so called AI tools, is a unique and compelling story of a writer that decided to sit down and get to work in order to help other authors that might have questions about their own self-publishing journey.

Much like the guide, the article breaks with convention. The article was written by J. Tordsen himself in a first person perspective. In this way it is the author telling the story in a way that is a bit out of the box.

The article is live now and can be found here: