Guide to Writing Featured on Talk Show

J. Tordsen was featured on Our Thing Detroit with Gunner Lindbloom to talk about The Gigabytes Guide to Writing.

The episode aired on May 19, 2023. While the episode was partially pre-empted by PGA Golf, the segment was front and center immediately following the conclusion of the sports coverage.

The book – that was written, edited, designed, and published in 7 days – gives a lighthearted overview of the self publishing process.

Among the topics covered was the surreal circumstances of writing, editing, and self publishing a book about the process of writing, editing, and self-publishing a book.

J. Tordsen also explained that one of the hurdles he had to overcome when writing this book was the “ubiquity of chat bots” writing in a human sounding voice. He talked about writing the book in his own voice with a little humor because if he wrote it in a purely informative way, it might be indistinguishable from what a chat bot might write.

You can catch the replay of the Facebook live stream here:

You can purchase The Gigabytes Guide to Writing on Google, Amazon, and right here:

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